Slack blogger..

It would be a fair call at this point to say I've been a slack blogger. The reason being, I've found IG quicker to post pictures and concise entires, into what I've been doing. But I thought I'd touch base here, so you know I have not been totally idle. 
I'm currently on vacation in France, having been to Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England last week. So at this point, I'm in the last days of my holiday. I must say, I've seen so much design inspiration while in France, I'm surprised I have not seen more french quilts. Our tour guide at the Louvre did show me some lovely boutis she was working on. After sceptically asking me, "do you know what boutis is?", (hello.... of course I do ... It's the LABOUR INTENSIVE old method of trapunto!!) she showed me, after she realised I knew what she was talking about. Still prefer the newer way of doing it!

My absolute highlight of the Louvre, was not the boutis (which was good) but was the "Winged Victory of Somathrace". I have admired this statue ever since I saw a photo of it over 2 years ago. The way the carver has made the marble look like fabric folds blowing in the wind, is mind blowing. It is truly beautiful.

Until next time, happy crafting!!- Julie. 

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