It all starts with a sketch...

After returning from my trip to England/France, I immediately came down with the dreaded 'flu' that I'd managed to dodge prior to going. So with a few days on the couch, (yes I can't believe it myself, no sewing) I was able to start perusing the likes of a secret swap person I have been partnered with on Instagram. Thanks to Sandy whose organised it all, this mini swap is only mini in the size of what's being swapped. Up to 24 inches. The number originally planned for this swap was 100. With the participants now numbered over 500, it's a mini mega swap, that's going to be a huge amount of fun as it unfolds!! 
My swap partner, (who I'm secretly stalking, because you need to, if you want to make something they will like)  has a bit of a thing for flying geese. I confess, I do too, especially paper pieced ones. So with this in mind, I sketched up a rough (very rough, drawing is not my fortè) design. Then I tweaked it. My EQ program finally came into it's own, with providing the pattern precisely on paper that I'll be working from. It's not due until the first week in December, but with plenty of sewing and quilting to catch up on, thought I'd get started on it. Now to go find colours in her chosen colour palette. 
Happy sewing!

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