Still around...

It seams like an age (and it probably is) since I've posted to my blog. I've been busy sewing up a storm at this end, so it's kept me fairly submerged!! This is one of those occasions I thought I should come up for air, so to speak, and visit my own blog. 
This is Sylvia's quilt. It's the Daisy Chain pattern, from one of the Jelly Roll books. I've counted that I've made this quilt pattern now 5 times! Yes, I'm looking at changing that up a bit, in the coming months. As I really love the quilting process the most, making up a client quilt from scratch, does make the whole process take that bit longer, but the results have been worth it. 
The quilting added a beautiful texture and ended up quite complimentary to the piecing. From memory, I think the quilting design was called Diamonds are Forever. The quilt was bound and handed over to a very delighted Sylvia last week and she just loves it! 
Until the next time I post, which I hope is sooner rather than later, enjoy your sewing!-Julie. 


  1. Lovely colours, no doubt about it, the white really makes for a great canvas to showcase the quilting. It looks fabulous, no wonder Sylvia loved it.

  2. Commissions, no wonder you have no time for quilting!

  3. Looks great....where in the world are you just now.....looking forward to seeing you very soon......