Not M.I.A!

Things have finally started to resemble some normality around here. It's amazing how a few weeks out of the normal routine, can take twice as many to re-establish it. With that said, a new addition I have added to my machine set up, is a fabric advance. Of boy, does this make quilting now a dream!! With a foot pedal for operation while in front of the machine, or a side switch if at the end of the frame, either way, advancing fabric now is so streamlined. The foot pedal is especially fabulous, as there's no chance of advancing at a pace where something could go wrong. It's as simple as foot on for go, foot off for stop. Left pedal forward, right pedal backward. I love it!! Can't say I totally loved the particulars of getting it through the customs process. What a headache that was!!

Teresa's bed runner, finally made it into the land of the quilting zone. I won't tell you how long that has taken me, but let's just say, Teresa is a VERY patient friend! I decided to quilt it following the lines of the pattern. I didn't want to follow them to rigidly, as I think it may have lost some of it's appeal. I tried to negotiate curves in flowers, so as not to quilt straight through areas of pattern and detract from the look.

All that needs doing, is turning the edge over to the front and stitching it down. As there are plans for some sort of edge finish eg: lace, trim, there's no point wasting time hand finishing it.

Now you may wonder about this picture. Unfortunately when this exhibition was on, I was in the process of readying myself for our trip to America. I really wanted to see this exhibition, but time didn't allow for it. To say I was disappointed, would be an understatement!! I can say now, all is not lost!! In August next year, I head to England and will be paying a visit to the V&A Museum. Is that exciting or what!!!! The other thrill of the trip (actually there's a few planned, but I don't want you to get excitement overload!) is, I will be going to Festival Of Quilts, in Birmingham!! FOQ, is the biggest quilt show on the calendar in Europe. It's one I dreamt of going to, but never thought I'd see the day it may happen. It's a happening thing now!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. Wow, Another overseas trip. You will love your fabric advance.

  2. I would love a fabric advance, you lucky girl!! Overseas as well,,,,,jealous much!!!