Home again and Connected!!!

After a week to recover from our jet setting tour of America, it's time to get back into the normal routine of things. But before that happens from my blogs perspective, I have to give you a little recap of what I couldn't post while in Houston, due to dodgy internet service!
The main focus for going to America was training. From every angle of my quilting machine! As you may recall, we were in Iowa at Des Moines for the first day of our training on APQS machines. After day 1, we travelled to Carroll (Iowa) to where APQS machines start their journey. Inside this humble looking factory, is where it all happens!!! We spent 2 lovely days with Amy, as she trained George and I on the maintenance side of things. We also got to spend some time with other members of the APQS Carroll family. Thank you all, for the hospitality shown to George and I while there.
On leaving Carroll, we passed many corn fields. Along the way, I saw this barn!! I just had to take a photo of it. We had seen the panther on sporting memorabilia in the stores, minus the quilt block behind it. I can only guess, this picture represents the love of  2 residents that live here!!

Through the peek hole from the second floor at the convention centre at Houston. A quite day between quilt market and quilt festival.

One of my classes was with Irena Bluhm. New techniques were learnt, as all enjoyed a very hands on class of sketching then quilting.

Linda Taylor was another of my teachers. Actually, I took three classes with her and in hindsight now, wish I'd taken more!! She is a bottomless well of longarm knowledge and skill. Her classes were totally amazing and I have some special memories from her classes, that I will long treasure. One of them is, I was fortunate enough to win a major door prize in her class. A months free access to the Quilting School. Thank you very much Linda. See you soon! ;)

Having classes with Dawn Cavanaugh, was also a huge highlight for me. I have to admit, from the time I booked these classes on line, I was eagerly awaiting them. Dawn has the most amazing way of teaching and inspiring you and the tips she explained to us all, will definitely make our quilting lives so much easier. I learnt many new things in Dawns classes and made new friends there also. Thank you very much Dawn, for making the learning experience so enjoyable!!!
That pretty much brings our American trip to a close, but with things developing once again at my end, the next big quilt show may just be on the horizon. Here's a hint, August 2014!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. I have the exact same photo through the peephole! Glad you had a great time!!

  2. August 2014 too early for AMQF, too late for Expertise Events, mmmmmm MQX midwest is September. Spill the beans!!! Love George's shirt. Still ultra jealous of all your classes and now I know someone I can call when I have a problem.

  3. What....back already.......bet your head is still spinning........Say hello to George......