Nearly half way there........

I though I'd just check in and show progress to date on Colleens quilt. Quilting is probably at about the half way mark of the centre panel, and I have to say, I just love how it's turning out. I'm  using one layer of wadding (batting- 60/40 poly/wool) and it's nice loft, is making the quilt have a slight trapunto look. And I love trapunto!! With only 3 weeks to go before I leave for the states, it has to be off the frame in the next 2, to allow time for binding it, so it's full steam ahead with this one. The long list of quilts that I had with deadlines a few weeks ago has nearly disappeared. Colleens quilt is number 5 and nearly done. Number 3 has the binding 3/4's sewn on and the customer quilt that was number 4, is waiting to be picked up. And amongst all that, an extra was slotted in between quilt number 4 and 5!!
Better get back to it then, as the next time I check in I'm hoping to show a bit more, if not it all finished.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. That looks like you are having fun. Love the way the 1/4" stitching from the edge looks like it is an extra bit of piecing.

  2. Fabulous quilting....see you in three....