Colleens quilt...ready for quilting.

It's taken a few weeks to get the quilt top to this stage, but we are nearly ready to load it onto the frame for quilting. The only thing preventing that happening is there is already a quilt on the frame needing finishing. When that is done, Colleens quilt is ready to go!! The design has changed a little over the last few weeks. You might remember I had grandiose ideas of modern quilting this one, hence the reason there is so much space available. Yes, it was planned that way at the designing stage. But as all projects seem to in my house, it morphed a little in design, and so there will now be a mix of quilting style within this quilt. (That's the plan anyway)

With the weather a little grotty, I couldn't photo the whole quilt top outside, so the lounge room floor has to suffice this time. Mum painted for hours and when about half way through the painting, I decided to give her a bit more. (couldn't help myself ) Originally no little painted motifs between the blocks were planned, but as the painting progressed, the overall look of the top definitely indicated it needed something there, to unify the piecing section to the painted borders. Mum happily obliged and painted them in. As this quilt has an impending deadline, I best get back to it then!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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  1. I hope you are going to show us some quilted pics too.