Under the Bonnet.....

When the bonnet has to be popped to check out the motor, it's usually at the front end of a car. But in my case under the hood means, having a look at my Ferrari, machine, from the back. We recently had need to just give the 'ol' girl a little fine tune. So that meant we popped the hood to get in there. Now I would like to say George is hard at it here, but he's not. The absolute beauty of APQS machines is the fact they are very easy for the home user to maintain mechanically, even though technically speaking, it's an industrial level machine. With easy to follow instructions, the adjustment took minimal time to do.

It's all very interesting when you actually get inside and have a look. Very streamlined, very precise and clean looking. I love the inside nearly as much as the outside.
With the machine's rear cover back on, it's all systems go with the quilting again. I'm down to 2 quilts to be quilted before I leave. I'm thinking I might actually get it all done, before I head to the States!!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie

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