Sometimes, you just know.......

Yes, you see right. It's a longarm pin, quilted into the quilt with no easy way out!!
Do you ever think to yourself when your doing something, 'oh, that would be terrible if I did........', well this week it actually happened to me. I was quilting a customers quilt and my ruler and scissors managed to wedge themselves between the quilt top and the wadding. I was able to retrieve them relatively quickly, and no damage was done, as I hadn't quilted them in. I then thought, 'how would you get a pin out if you quilted it in?' Well, I've found out. You have to cut the quilt open!! After attaching the binding, I folded the quilt and felt ouch!!! Ouch shouldn't be happening at this stage of a quilts construction, so immediately investigated to discover, the PIN!!!
So, after ascertaining which side of the quilting line the glass head was on, I snipped the back of the quilt. Buried deep, I needed to enlarge my snip and then saw the offender and removed it.

Left with a small amount of damage, a repair patch or makers plate will go over this spot to hide this quilts heinous history. Thank goodness this wasn't a customers quilt or I would've been doing a lot of frogging.

On an up note, (this week has had more down notes than up, I can tell you) I had a ruler arrive from the Gadget Girls. I do have straight edge rulers, but this was a recommended one, from one of the teachers that I will be taking classes with at MQX. I figured it this way, if I'm going to all the effort, (and expense) of getting training by some of the best longarmers in the industry, I might as well get the goods that they recommend, as it could make the learning experience a whole lot easier. I'm liking this ruler a lot already, as it has really good markings on it. Something I was lamenting only last week, that my other rulers lacked. I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces. And how about the freebie key ring, isn't it cute?!!
Until next time, happy quilting and watch out for those buried pins!-Julie.


  1. Oh no, you poor thing I haven't done that yet, but probably have Mosed myself now, lucky you got it out.

  2. Those pins will get you every time. You have done it once may that be your last.

  3. Funny...that happened to me one time and yes, it was a customer quilt. I snipped off the pin, which I was able to retrieve easily...then I moved the little yellow ball out of a path to the edge of the quilt. Luckily it was a panto pattern and I was able to find a path without stitches...;o)