With number two off the frame, number three is on the frame. It's feeling slightly like production line, but I know this quilt will eliminate that feeling. No boards or pantograph for this one, it's freehand. I had a really good friend help me with some sketches for this one, but life has been chaos at this end, so do you think I can find them?? No! So I've sketched again, (not as good as hers though) and will get cracking on this one tomorrow.
This is another largish quilt, measuring 107" x 107" and does have it's fair share of friendliness going on. Hopefully the freehand I do, will play it down. It's only got 20 days allowable time on the frame, as something else must go on after that. Yep, another deadline!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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