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When I've got miles of sewing to get done, I have both the machines set up at the same time. One in the sewing room and one in the dining room. As the sewing room is out the back, when the weather is getting cold in the evening, I transplant myself to the sewing machine in the dining room, so that I can keep on going. But like any sewing area, pins on the floor are a given. So when Brooke found this on the Internet, I had to have it , so as to post it on the dining table as a warning to all. George got a good laugh out of it, as he had found 2 pins on the floor the day before under the dining table!! Thankfully not in his feet though!

This Bernina, is the machine I picked up second hand on a recent trip to Queensland. It sews like a dream, I can tell you. Well worth every dollar spent on it. It may look like it's undergoing some major surgery here, but what we did was remove a little hook thing that was on it when I got it. I think the hook was to somehow hold a magnifying glass. Anyway, it was starting to get annoying when I sewed, so asked George to remove it, which required the end being pulled off the machine to get to it. Well, that's when my machine became SUPER interesting, because I got to peek inside. Brave move I know, considering there is circuitry on the inside. One thing having a longarm machine has taught me is, if there's a problem and you have a screwdriver, give it a go and open it up to look. It may just be fixable without having to pay the hefty price of a service fee. With the hook thing gone, my great machine just got better!!!

I worked out I have about 14 weeks until I head to the states. In that time I need to finish 4 quilts, ones that I have to do from start to finish plus a couple of customer quilts. One of the customer quilts is quite substantial too, not only in size, but also in what I am planning on doing. (I think I am an over achiever) So, if you've wondered why the blog has been a little quiet, that's why. Something that has come out of all the sewing I'm doing, and I tell you, it's a lot of sewing, is I think I am just about over making utilitarian quilts. I am ready to make a show quilt!! More on that in another post though. Progress to date is, 2 quilts all sewn and ready to be loaded for quilting. The other 2 quilts, both in construction stage, but motoring along nicely. Customer quilt no.1 going on the frame for July. (I'm allowing a month for that one) Customer quilt no.2 about to be dropped off. In the above photo and to the right, is one of the quilts ready and waiting to be loaded for quilting and to the right is one still in the construction stages. I've designed it in mind that if I get enough time before I leave for the U.S.A, I am going to custom quilt it. (that's the plan anyway) If I run out of time, edge to edge it will be.
Until I come up for air again, happy quilting!-Julie.

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