Quilting with Paint!!

Just thought I should share with you progress to date. I didn't want you thinking I was being 'idle' behind the scenes. (grin) So here's where we're at, from left to right.
My quilt. Central portion just finished coming together. Still 3 borders to go on (and one of those borders is appliqued and pieced) before I can say the top is completed. Next is Paula's quilt, AKA the 'Mystery' quilt. This one is ready to be quilted, as all work pre loading onto the frame is done. Next along is Dianne's quilt. This one is more of a mystery technically, than Paula's. Dianne doesn't even know she's getting it! It's all ready for the quilting too. When it's finished, it heads to America with me, as it's final destination will be in Texas. 

Colleens quilt makes number 4 in the mad rush to get them done before I head to the USA. It's just starting to materialise. I can show you, from the design walls perspective anyway, what it's starting to look like. Now I have been mulling over in my brain as soon as I threw it up on the design wall, that the border can't be plain. (Initial concept for it, it was) It needs a bit of 'pop' happening out there. My head space has me stuck on a trailing vine appliqued floral border. (I know what your thinking, "how many days did you say until you leave"???) And yes, George says I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to quilting with a deadline to meet. I guess it's true. Seriously though, could you see a plain border working on a quilt with a layout like the above? Not very well, if at all. Now here's where it gets interesting. I told my mum this morning about my grandiose ideas and straight away she said, "why don't I paint that for you"? As we had decided a little while ago about a quilting/painting collaboration, I thought, why not. So she's just started painting a sample border piece, to see if the idea we have, can work well in paint. Stay tuned!!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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