Burning the Midnight Oil........

There is a reason I keep a second machine handy, for when I decide to do some sewing. As you can see from the time and that's PM, not AM, I am burning the midnight oil! I am a bit of a night owl, so to sew at this time is not to much of a drama for me. Just don't ask me to repeat the sewing performance at a reasonable AM time frame tomorrow morning. I won't be functioning at all well then!!!
The 'Mystery' quilts progress is going steadily ahead and I got the opportunity to cut out another quilt today. Lot's of construction happening at the moment, with very little quilting, but that is all about to change. When I get through piecing all the tops, the quilting will then be the thing dominating my time and no doubt blog.
And if your wondering if the Batik quilt is quilted yet?? No, it's not. It got loaded onto the frame to be quilted, but the stylus I had, did not fit the boards at all well. It was a very tight fit, so would have made the quilting very challenging to get right, if I could indeed quilt it. So, I've sent to the states and are awaiting the arrival of a new stylus, that will fit those boards properly.
Better get back to it then.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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  1. Julie, get that handy husband to file the stylus down a bit. I had Les make me my first one!