Crocking and the Big Red.

The Big Red is progressing steadily along and it will be off the frame by Friday evening. I say will be, not hopefully, because the frame needs be made ready for a group of longarm quilters that are coming to play on Saturday. More on that in a future blog post. As you can see from the Big Red, visually it has a lot going on. I decided to keep the quilting very low key, as I felt that to do something even slightly noticeable, could make it a sensory overload. Mind you though, that hasn't stopped me doing lots of quilting!! Just to get an idea of how much thread is going down per pass, I cannot make it from one side to the other on one bobbin! And I am using Bottom Line in the bobbin. The quilt has a few issues, as previously mentioned. The internal piecing is not as good as it could be, which is presenting it's own dynamic that I am working with on each and every row. The actual piecer of this quilt top is unknown, as the customer I am quilting it for, didn't piece it herself, but purchased it some years back on line. The other issue that is looming with this quilt, and it's quite substantial, is the fact the dye in the fabric is crocking. Crocking is the term given, when dye transfers to skin or other fabric, from the original fabric. (when it's not wet) As I quilt over specific fabrics in this top, the red dye is pinkening the cream coloured thread. The first wash of this quilt, is going to be a hair raising event. Lot's of colour catchers will be required and also a product like synthrapol will be needed in the laundering process, if there is any chance of keeping the cream fabrics cream.

And also, just a little peek at the finished gift quilt. I can't show any more than this, but it was a great project to work on.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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  1. Crocking haven't heard of that term, but it was very worrying for me as the quilter of a 1/2" and 1/4" hexie quilt when it happened.
    Doubt the customer will want to wash it either.