APQS owners- First Victorian Gathering.

With a parcel of free samples sent ahead for those that would be in attendance on the day, the first gathering of APQS machine owners was sure to be filled with lots of fun. A big thank you to Lyn Crump from www.busyquilting.com for sending down samples of Glide thread that she stocks. For those that attended, the Glide thread was one of the many highlights of the day. The August gathering is already being planned for, which will have Lyn in attendance! And yes, she will be bringing thread down with her.

While only a small gathering, it was full of surprises. Here pictured is Satu, (one of the attendees) trying out my machine, which I have to say with ease. Since my machine is one of the newer models, one amazing feature it has is a Bliss table. (I can tell you, it's bliss to quilt on) Satu showed me something I hadn't even tried myself, quilting with one hand only using 3 fingers!! To move the machine, it is really that easy. Thank you Satu for the demo.

Show and tell was great also. Lots to look at, from a fabric/quilting point of view. Jenny is here showing one of her amazing Batik kits that she offers. This one was just beautiful eye candy in it's nice earthy tones. And huge too, as you can see from the photo.
There were many more highlights of the day, like delicious sponge cake, amazing Tim Tam balls and raspberry and white chocolate muffins. I for one, am a firm believer that great food fuels creativity, so the sweets were definitely a winner. 
With the first gathering done and dusted, it's time to organise myself for a short trip to NZ next week to re-charge the batteries.
Until next time, happy quilting.


  1. Thanks for hosting our first gathering Julie. Even though we got off track a little with our discussions, I found the day really informative. Can't wait for the next meeting with all the new friends. Have a great trip to NZ.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I think all things discussed were relevant to our group. Looking forward to the next gathering too!