The Red Quilt.

It's a good thing when I purchased my machine, I got the biggest table I could get, because this quilt and two more to follow, are pretty much going to take up nearly the whole 14 feet! That aside, the red quilt, as I call it, (I know, very original) has a lot going on when you look at it. Not only does it have a lot of piecing, but it also has as a result of all that piecing, a bit more 'personality' than what some of the other quilt tops have had, that I have quilted. Despite the fact the internal portion of the quilt has a little bit of fullness, the borders are remarkably flat. As you can see, we hadn't quite finished loading the top, but I wanted to get a picture on my blog before all the fun starts tomorrow. 
Until the next, happy quilting.-Julie.

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  1. Looks great Julie , can catch a glimpse of your beautiful french couch,,,