Catching a break.

With the gift quilt for our friend finished and on its way, it's time for another quilt to be loaded. This next quilt is huge and it needs to be quilted and off the frame by about Wednesday next week at the latest. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of progress here, as it's a little over due as it is. 
Ash, with her keen eye for anything that looks like a quilt pattern, spotted the cushions at Kmart a couple of weeks ago. With the price at only $10 each, (insert included) and in a colour to compliment the couch, they were a must have for studio 2. The couch is now a really comfy spot to sit and read my quilt books when I need to take a short break.
And speaking of breaks, it appears my stupid lap top decided it needed a break! It seems to have bitten the dust, so the next few blog posts will come with photos from my phone via the iPad. Hopefully though this situation is short lived, as a trip to NZ in the coming weeks may see the need to buy a new one. Duty free too!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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