Another quilt deadline..and another!

No prizes guessing what's going on here. Yes, another quilt is in the construction stages. Now it would be normally a safe bet to assume, since it's the binding I would nearly be finished the quilt?? Well, I do things a little unconventional at times in the quilting department around here, (I'm sure you've noticed that already) and I have to admit, it's only in the early stages of construction. In reality though, the pattern I picked for this quilt, has a lot of off cuts, so I thought while I was at it, I'd utilise them and get the binding done now, so it's ready to go when the quilt gets pulled off the frame, post quilting.

Here's where we are at with it. Not far at all, but it's happening. I have a September 4th deadline for this one and you know how I am with quilts to deadlines when I am personally making them. Do the words, wedding quilt remind you of how great I am with deadlines? Anyway, it's well on it's way, (ok, so I'm in denial) and with a weekend to sew, hope to get the top completed. It's for a close friend, so I won't show you any more pics until it's completed and handed over. Can't run the risk of ruining the surprise if she spots it here on my blog.

So while not doing the 'Mystery' present quilt, I'm getting organised to quilt the batik quilt. Oooh, I just love these colours!! I will be quilting circles all over it and before you ask, no, I will not be using my new circle templates to do it. The next picture will explain why.

Because of the multitude of circles I've got planned, I decided I would use these pattern boards. They are from a company called R & S Designs, and the pattern board is called, Whole Lotta Bubbles, by Patricia E. Ritter. To keep the circles near perfect, I believe it would be impossible to do this design with templates. There's just way to many of them and they stack onto one another.
Anything else I have happening? Well yes, there is another quilt in the pipeline, with an Oct 2nd deadline, (seriously, I ask, why do I keep doing this to myself???) and a customer quilt also awaits to be quilted. Better get to it then!!
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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