Together, just this once.

My block swap is done! This is how they looked on the design wall when I finished them today. The block is called 'Rocky Road to Kansas' and is one of 12 different blocks that will go into the Civil War sampler quilt, that I am part of with this block swap. I found it a lot of fun to do. Except when my iron, which claims to be non stick decided to stick while pressing the blocks!! That was a little hair raising. It was really interesting checking the Internet to make sure these blocks were in fact Civil War reproduction fabrics. I purchased them online as fat quarters and while some had the selvage still on with the printing on it, others did not, so an earnest search was underway to confirm they were in fact Civil War era repro fabrics. All the fabrics that made it to these blocks, I found on the various fabric company websites as being dated around the 1860's. Now you may wonder why I bothered with all that effort?? I believe I am the only 'Aussie' in the block swap, with the rest of the swappers made up from people in, you guessed it, America!! Hence my reason for wanting to make sure the fabrics were good. If anyone would know the validity of repro Civil War fabrics, the other swappers would.

With the blocks ready to be posted, I thought I might just flavour this parcel a little on the 'Downunder' side. Each block had to have the makers particulars attached and I had these great little cards with all things Australian on them, that would do the job nicely to hold those details. Of course, when your the organiser of the swap, you have a bit of work to do co-ordinating it all. So a thank you, made up of typical Australian chocolates, are on their way too with the blocks. Can't wait to see what the other swappers do with their blocks.
The wedding quilt is on the frame and the quilting has started. Hopefully I can get it finished and off the frame sometime over the weekend. And then there's the sewing room to clean, from the chaos I made in there this week. Until next time, keep on sewing, quilting or whatever creative process you love doing.-Julie.

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