Sneek Peek, so please ssshhh!!

I just thought I'd show you a piece of a project that is developing at this end. We have a friend who is not well and another friend suggested we do something. What do a whole bunch of crafty people do when they want to do a joint project together??? Get crafty, of course!! What we are doing is a whole heap of personalised blocks and then sewing them into a quilt to give. This is my Mums block. She hand painted this and what makes it more amazing is, the design is all her own. She never copies anyones designs, but sketches out her own, prior to putting any paint down. Super talented, eh?! She thinks otherwise, and would flip over backwards if she knew I posted this pic on my blog. So for those that follow this blog and know her, please ssshhh, don't say a thing. A combination of Inktense sticks, Jo Sonja acrylic paint, textile medium and Pigma pens to define it, is all that was used to paint this pretty picture. Better get back to it, as there's lots to do on the craft front this week and I also need to start thinking how I'll be quilting the new project that is scheduled for the frame, within the fortnight.-Julie.


  1. She is one very talented lady. Think your mum and you need to do a collaboration and enter it in a few shows!

    1. Thanks Lyn. Hadn't thought of a combined effort with the prospects of showing it. Might work on that one. ;)