North, South and North again.

I had the opportunity last week to head north and go and see Lyn. North for a Victorian, is anything over the border. In my case, it was over the border, over the border. Queensland was the destination and to be honest, I was seriously looking forward to Queensland weather, as Victoria had been enduring a long hot dry spell. Too long, too hot. When we arrived in Queensland and left the airport terminal, it was a welcome relief. A cool breeze awaited us. Something we hadn't felt for some months.

Being a tropical state, Queensland has its share of beautiful flowers, one of them being the Frangipani. Although small, the flower is pretty with an amazing scent!! Just delicious. Lyn's garden had plenty of Frangipani plants to satisfy my urge to sniff every flower. The varieties were amazing and there was even a double one, although I haven't included the photo of it as it turned out too blurry.

We can't grow these in Victoria, as it's too cold for them to really thrive. Apparently it's possible in a pot if you bring them in doors. Tried it, and had zero success. Maybe I just don't have green thumbs.

Deliciousness packed into such an unassuming looking little flower!!

Besides the flowers, the weekend was spent with lots of learning happening. Lyn was very patient with me, as I asked her lots of questions on all things longarm related. And also some not! I came back with renewed enthusiasm to quilt, quilt, quilt. I also did a little shopping while at Lyn's, and increased my supply of Glide thread. You can never have too much thread if your a quilter. I have practised quite a lot since being back home, and the photo shows my normal flower meander with an added element, a butterfly. The quilt this design is going on is the 'big red quilt'.

And lastly, doesn't this photo inspire you to collect or make quilts? I took this a couple of years ago when I went to Houston for quilt festival. I cannot remember the name of this vendor, but I asked if I could take a photo of this cupboard stacked to the brim with old quilts, and he happily obliged. I think he was a little amused at the accent of this Australian, asking for a photo. Either that, or he just couldn't understand me and nodded in puzzlement. (Maybe lost in translation some where)
Tomorrow I head interstate again, Sydney this time for a work function, but will be back on deck Thursday.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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