Visitors to my blog, are you a 'No Reply Blogger'?

I just love the interaction that my blog allows me to have with the quilting community and especially those that leave me comments. I follow a couple of blogs myself and one post I found really interesting, I just had to comment on. Unfortunately, I did not know at the time, my blog settings were on 'No Reply Blogger', so the blog I had visited, had no way of contacting me. Trust me, this is particularly important if you want to enter blog give aways and competitions!! The blog owner, did track me down, via another means, which I am very grateful for. She answered my curiosity and let me know, I was a 'No Reply Blogger'. Man, was I grateful for that!
The reason I mention this is, I have had the same thing happen. I have had some really lovely comments made, from individuals with 'No Reply Blogger' status. So as much as I would love to interact further on some subjects of the craft industry, I'm just not physically able to, as I have no way of contacting you to further our discussions. 
If your unsure how to change your settings, just type into the Google search engine about 'No Reply Blogger' status, and how to change it. You will find easy instructions on how to do it.
Until next time, happy blogging and quilting!-Julie.


  1. Hi Julie I have now become a blogger and have my own and will be following you nas well. love me

  2. Great to hear from you Suzi! We can keep up with each others crafty sessions this way. :)