Fabric Fiesta!!

With a day planned to head up to Melbourne, Ash and I had the opportunity to call in and see our friend Julie. And with the chance to acquire some fabric to add to the collection, there were plenty of beautiful pieces that we couldn't ignore. They were just so beautiful!! Yes, this does mean that more sewing needs to happen, but with the cooler months approaching, hopefully we can schedule some time in soon. Julie also gave me a couple of ideas that I think I need to try out. (Thank you Julie)
Currently we have a quilt top Ash made, loaded onto the frame. The piecing is very familiar, but we are going for a different quilting pattern this time, Baptist Fan. Stay tuned for the results.
Until next time though, happy quilting.-Julie


  1. There is nothing better than coming home with new fabrics to drool over and plan for.

  2. New fabric is always exciting. It helps us stay creative.

    Cheers Pauline

  3. Oh. They look even better in your studio.
    Thank you so very much Ashleigh & Julie.
    I have one week to go before my trip begin.. Hooray~~
    so many things to do.. before I go.
    I will keep you update that now I can post a blog on the go.

    see you when I get back.

    Julie x