24 Days to go!

 With 24 days until the wedding, the pressure is on. I wasn't sure initially, if I would make this a 5x5 or a 6x6 block layout. Well, it's not going to be a 5x5, as size wise, it just wouldn't cut the mustard. That being so, it now means I am only half way there in piecing the blocks for the centre portion of this quilt. No panic setting in yet, but I am very aware of my limited time to get it completed in. I took the above photo in vintage mode on my phone, which really gives it an old fashioned look.

Another practise shot on my phone, but this time with normal colour. I'm going to add a bit more blue and also the slate coloured fabric with the fleur de lis on it to the block quota, but will be heading into my local quilt shop this afternoon to see if I can get any more dark brown or cream fabric that will work. Ash has planned to come give me a hand this weekend, (providing I don't get called into work) so hopefully by Sunday night, we will have the top pieced.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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