French Finish.

This beautiful French lounge is the final item, which now makes studio 2 complete. Without adequate seating, it was always a little uncomfortable for any visitors when they came into the studio. The only option was a hard wooden chair to sit on, and only one at that! With limited space that the prospective seat would have available to it, the hunt began in earnest many many weeks ago. I kept my options open, as 195cm length was my maximum I could go comfortably. Depth of chair was even more of an issue, maximum at tops, around 60cm. When I spotted this one, and got the dimensions, I knew it was meant to be, and it's French!! As they say in the french language, " je l'adore". (I love it)

I have loved French inspired decor for quite awhile. My beautiful lounge I was able to purchase off a very talented lady, who also loves all things French. A visit to Julie from  made me feel as if I had stepped into a little patch of Parisian paradise. If your looking for something special, her site and shop are well worth a visit. This lounge is so comfy. The hardest thing for me now, will be the discipline I need to stay focused on the quilting and not to peruse quilting magazines instead, while lounging on this comfortable seat.
It's back to the quilting then, as a quilt top is to be loaded tomorrow.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. Visitors are supposed to sit in sewing rooms? OOops no room,in mine they will have to go to the room next door. The lounges are not quite as spectacular as yours. How long are you giving yourself before you put quilts on it waiting to be quilted?

    1. Hopefully longer Lyn, than I also anticipate myself. ;)

  2. Hi. Julie

    Thank you for mentioning.
    Can't wait to see what you are doing with the fabric. (wink. wink..)
    Please stop by at the studio next time when you are in the area.
    I love Ash's Linen/Cotton Cushion.

    Julie xx

    1. Thanks Julie. Next time we are in your area, we will definitely stop by your studio. I've been telling Ash about your beautiful fabric collection and she's keen to see it.