Off to the Doctor.

There is only so long you can ignore a 'sound' in your machine, that you know shouldn't really be there. My trusty little workhorse, has been making a quietish, (well I thought it was quietish) clunking sound. When Ash decided to use it today to sew some binding on, it clunked repeatedly and subsequently, she flatly refused to sew on it. I'm not to sure what is wrong, but a trip to the machine doctor, is definitely required. I don't think any smallish first aid treatment is going to help here, although I may end up reaching for the headache tablets when I get it back and see the cost of the repairs!! As this post gets typed, the machine is already on its way to the repairman. Thank you Ash. When your main machine decides to have a 'moment', it's a lot of down time for someone that enjoys creating with a machine, if they don't have a back up. Fortunately I have another, so it's time to get it out and get it purring. With the Longarm machine fully loaded, (sounds dangerous) there is plenty for me to go on with. There will be no down time for me!!
Until next time, happy quilting, especially if your machine is working!-Julie.

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