Off the Frame.

My Texas Bluebonnet, is off the frame. Rather relieved I must say, as it was on the frame way longer than I intended it to be. Once I got to about 12 hours working on it, I didn't bother counting further. I'm guessing all up, about 15 hours, give or take.
The central portion of the quilt was quilted using a design Angela Huffman showed on an APQS tutorial. The small quilting in the sashing is a design idea from a book published by Linda Rech. Linda's book has amazing patterns and suggestions for quilting in narrow borders and sashings.
The size of this quilt made it problematic for taking photo's. Couple that with a windy day and I was chasing my opportunities for a photo shoot most of the afternoon. The front gate is always a reliable secondary option for taking photo's, especially when it's windy. So if you see photo's of quilts hanging on the gate in future blog posts, you can safely assume, it's pretty windy at my end when the photo's are happening.
I have to say, I really love the look of the back of the quilt. The quilting gives it such a beautiful texture. I'm thinking there may just be the need to schedule in a wholecloth quilt in my future. Actually, I've loved wholecloth quilts for a long time, and have to confess, only this week I purchased a large piece of cotton sateen to do one!!
And I thought I would just share with you a couple of  visitors that came onto the bird feeder this evening. For those not familiar with Australian parrots, the smaller multi coloured bird is a Rainbow Lorikeet. They are absolutely stunning in colour, but are a bit 'pushy' in their nature. At the time this photo was taken, there were two Lorikeets on the feeder and although half the size of the other bird, the assertiveness of their nature is very intimidating, which means I usually don't get the two types of birds on the feeder at once. They are mainly nectar eaters, but have visited the feeder before to eat the sunflower seeds.
My more frequent visitor to the feeder is this guy, a King Parrot. This one is a male, and although you can't see it, underneath his wings and tail is a beautiful deep iridescent blue. Compared to Rainbow Lorikeets, they have a much gentler nature. Every night and several times during the day, I have King Parrots fly in for some seed. We never tire of them coming to visit.
That's it for this time, so until the next, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. Julie, your quilt is so lovely!

  2. Oh wow, great quilting choices and execution. I always like to see what you gals are up to. Also those parrots are amazing, we don't have parrots here.