Finding my way around again.

Now here's a post of revelations. I have to admit to being the most uneducated person in my family when it comes to the computer. Initially I struggled to understand how to load photo's to the computer. When I finally got the swing of it, I was laughing. Well I can tell you, the laughing stopped short a couple of weeks ago when I did an update on my Internet browser on my laptop. The result? No longer being able to load photo's to my blog!! So if you've wondered where I've been, I've been lost in cyberspace land. George was the one to nut out how to load photo's again, so with a new page added to the blog giving a few specs of my machine, we were back on the air. Phew!!!
We have been sewing up a storm here. There will be plenty of photo's coming shortly, which will make up for the lack of in recent times, showing what we have actually been doing. All nine blocks of Swoon are complete, "My Texas Bluebonnet" quilt will be off the frame tomorrow and I have sewn a purple batik quilt top. (Thank you Jenny) Ash has also finished off a quilt top which will make it's debut here soon.
Tonight though, we have started piecing this top. We can't say what it's for yet, but things are happening behind the scenes at HK, that we hope to be able to share here on the blog soon. We are excited at this end, but it is keeping us busy.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie & Ash.


  1. Yay Julie - nice to see you back from outer space!

    1. Thanks Judi, it's nice to be back. Hopefully no more updates any time soon.