Swoon's first casualty!!

Now I did not expect this to happen, but it has. As I have been constructing Swoon, in between all the other projects I have on the go, I made a bad call on a colour combination together. Laying the fat quarters next to each other, initially I thought it may work. (not to sure what I was thinking at the time). Anyway, as soon as the block was completed I looked at it and realised it did not have enough pop factor, so as a result, will not be including it in the Swoon line up. This blocks redeeming virtue, and it's a pretty strong one in it's favour is, the seams all pressed the right way, so everything lays flat. (pressing instructions weren't included in my version of Swoon). So I'm using it as the example to remind me which way to press to get all the other blocks laying flat. The old "press light to dark side" does not work here. My reject Swoon block already has a future project that it will form the basis of, so it will not become another 'orphan' block. Stay tuned for that one. The fabrics in the photo, show the combination for block number 7. Let's hope I get it right this time!!

And it's finally in!! With the weather warming up, studio 2 is now climate controlled and able to tackle the task of keeping the air comfortable so as to stay in there a long time if needed. With only one last acquisition to complete studio 2, the end of the refurbishment to studio 2 is in sight. At least then, that will leave more time for quilting!!
And on a final note, we'd like to say hi and welcome to a new follower, Marianne.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie & Ash.

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