Sewing Satisfaction.

I can't believe it's over a week since I blogged last! I haven't been idle though. I've been practising my feathers on paper, getting ready for the quilting that's about to happen on the blue quilt. (I will have to think of a better name than that for it, as it's rather dorky.)
I've been purchasing fabric, for an up and coming project. One can never have too many projects!
Sewing bag tags for a friend that is going to N.Z.
But the thing by far, that has given me the most satisfaction this week in the sewing department, is sewing blocks for someone I don't even know!! I received an email earlier in the week from the Quilting Gallery, asking if I was able to sew some blocks. They are asking quilting bloggers if they are able to contribute to the Sandy Quilt Block Drive, that they are running. An easy block, with a great tutorial to get you under way, coupled with the fact the recipients of these quilts would be people affected by the terrible conditions that Hurricane Sandy inflicted on the east coast of America, meant that I was in!! This effort did not even make a dent in my scrap fabric stash. With my 6 blocks done and my label inscribed, they are ready for the post tomorrow, bound for America. They will then be made into a quilt which in turn, will be forwarded on to someone in need.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie

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