Aiming for the amazing!

I finally made it into the quilting room, or rather should I say, pushed myself to go there. And this is what's been happening. Practice. And obviously, I need a bit more practice, but at least the ball is rolling once again with this project. I decided to take the photo in monochrome, as it showed the stitching up better. The backing fabric to this practice sandwich is patterned, and it's surprising how it shows up on the front as slightly patchy. More practice needed, as I want to refine those feathers a lot more before I load the blue quilt, (no name still) onto the frame. Back tracked feathers are a little tricky to master, but when done well, look amazing. And I want to have AMAZING feathers!!

My letter box has been starting to fill with all sorts of interesting mail. Travel brochures!!! Obviously plans are now under way for next years trip. We haven't decided on definite stops yet, but are toying with the idea of perhaps popping over the USA border into Canada, if time permits. It will be a very quilt related/focused holiday, so plenty will be accomplished. Classes, shows and training is what we have in mind. And yes, George my ever supportive husband, is coming with me. He is hoping to take some technical classes. Of course, sight seeing will be on the agenda too. As developments happen on the holiday front, I'll keep you posted. Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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