Binding- The final frontier!

With only the hand finishing of the binding to go, this quilt is done. When it comes to the binding, generally I don't mind doing it, as it means the quilt is nearly finished and ready for use. As this is Ash's quilt, and she's a little busy juggling work and other commitments, I thought I'd give her a jump start on the binding and start doing it for her. It's painful, I can tell you!! The side is so long. And yes, I'm still on the first one.

Just a closer picture of the overall quilting pattern.
The next quilt is ready and waiting in the wings. I have the designs in mind for the quilting, which will require George cutting me out a couple of acrylic rulers, so that I can use them to stitch certain areas of the quilting that I have planned. This week I have a practice quilt sandwich on the frame, so that I can try out my ideas and see if they are actually going to work. Well that's it for now, so until next time, happy quilting.-Julie


  1. I love this quilt it looks soo fresh.

    Cheers Pauline

    1. Thanks Pauline. It's only set back is it's heavy! Being on the large size and with wool/poly wadding in it, it's like lifting a horse rug.