The Whimsical Dandelion.

Sometimes it takes a little time to actually see the fruitage of the learning process. For me, I guess this quilt showed it more obviously and alot more quickly. You know how sometimes you look back over the course of a few months and then can actually see the small progress you have made, well for me this quilt made me see a learning curve between the start of it's quilting and the finishing of it. You may recall in the last post, I mentioned it had issues. Bead board to the four borders, well and truly brought the 'friendlies' under control. The quick mark method of using adding machine paper for marking the increments, made it a breeze to mark. Also, a class undertaken at AMQF, on loading and keeping things square on the frame, meant this quilt came off the frame the squarest of any quilt I've done so far. And it's very flat considering the issues that had to be addressed. (Just doesn't look that way in the photo, because the grass it's laying on is like shag pile carpet!)

I chose to keep the same colour thread in top and bobbin, so a little detail can be seen on the back. I quilted the central portion of the quilt in a freehand meander, with what reminds me of a dandelion, although a somewhat whimsical one. The four outer corners where treated to a larger version of the 'whimsical dandelion' look. So I guess the quilt now has a new name. No longer the start, stop, start quilt, but now 'The Whimsical Dandelion' quilt. All that is left to do here, is in Ash's department and that's the binding of it. The fabric is 'Lilac Hill', by Moda and is from the book, Jelly Roll Inspirations. (Pam and Nicky Lintott)
With another quilt getting ready to be loaded, it's back to the drawing board for me, thinking of how I'm quilting the next one. Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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