Love that bead board!

One thing I have learnt to love, actually I loved it without even trying, is the quilting pattern called bead board. Whether this is because I've done it already a few times on borders to fix 'issues', I'm not to sure, but I sure do love the look it gives when quilted and I love even more the issues it fixes!!! It seems that wavy borders are something I will see on a regular basis. (Ugh!) This quilt, which I guess is the start stop quilt, (started construction, stopped, started, stopped, I'm sure your getting the picture) has serious flaws. There are alot of bias edges to contend with and as a result, fullness became an extra dimension that had to be dealt with. The corners of this quilt were totally a nightmare (with fullness) and after some helpful advice from Lyn, it was decided that they had to be re-sewn. Fix number 1. With that issue out of the way, the other fix was the wavy border and that's where the bead board comes in. The piece of paper in the photo above is a method of marking the border in even increments that I had explained to me. It is very easy to mark the border this way.

With the bead board done on the top border, the wavy issue here is totally under control. I would have liked to have only done the bead board in the outer purple border and treat the narrower cream border a little differently, but as the waves started at the seam between the cream border and the pieced middle section, this wasn't an option. I also didn't want this whole process to take longer than it has already, because I'm a bit past it. I am currently half way through free motion quilting the pieced inner section of the quilt and hope to have it finished over the course of the weekend.

The challenge piece finished, showed up some amazing texture that some of these quilting designs produces. (If you click on the photo, it will enlarge it for you.) A few of the designs I quilted were quite modern, so an appropriate quilt will be needed to put them on. Octobers challenge, (if my memory serves me correctly) is ruler work!! Hopefully I will be able to put into practice some of what I learned in Adelaide and that means.....curved cross hatching!! My second love after feathers. So does that make bead board my third love??? Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. I like the look of all those fills in that tile setting. I see some lovely peas in a pod!

    The issue quilt is looking great.

    1. Thanks Lyn for your help on the issue quilt. While still having some issues, they are well camouflaged now.