Granny- A Quilt Appreciater.

A project started twelve months ago, has finally made it to the frame. Granny, (my mother) started this project to keep herself busy, while I went to the states for the International Quilt Festival in Houston. A self confessed non sewer, she made a pretty good attempt at getting the top pieced together. But when those technical glitches surfaced, as they do with any project, she called it a day and did no more. Ash saved the day and finished it's construction for her, so hopefully it will be quilted by the weekend. I have to tell you, Granny is what I call a 'Quilt Appreciater'. She just loves quilts. She goes to shows with me when she can. She believes you can never have to many quilts. And I guess the thing that really cements that she is an appreciater is, she notices the details!! Yep, she notices the finer points of the quilting process. She has very good taste when it comes to quilting, and has the amazing eye of a very seasoned quilter, in that she recognizes that the quilting element of a quilt, is a very technical artistic element in it's own right and should not be left to after thought, but be part of the whole process from the beginning. You can imagine then, I can't slip much past her! You probably noticed at the bottom of the picture a pantograph?? That's been left there from a quilt done a few months back. Not to sure I'll get away with doing that on Granny's quilt!!!!
In the coming weeks we are going to give the blog a little bit of a face lift. So if you see things a little different, don't be surprised. We want to freshen it up and figure twelve months of looking like this is long enough. We want a change! Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. Julie - good luck on that quilting - I'm sure you'll meet her expectations! Regards,

    1. Thanks, will let you know how it all goes. Hopefully the designs in my head will translate well when I quilt it out. :)