What's not happening!!

I think when I eventually, (emphasise eventually) get to put the binding on this quilt I will probably be sick of the sight of it. You ever had one of those projects, that for all intent and purposes should be really straight forward, but is not?? This little baby is it for me. The centre of it is a split nine patch, then with two outer borders. My thoughts for quilting it are relatively straight forward. Ruler work for the borders, possibly a motif of some sort in the corners and an all over meander for the centre portion.  Now here's where the glitches come in. I have had thread breakage issues, which have not totally resolved. (I will be emailing my all knowing quilt mentor to try sort that one out.) Storm issues. Yes as I speak, a nasty storm is brewing with expected winds to be very severe. So when the power went out momentarily, I decided to call it a day and it was only 11:30am! I had hoped to have it finished to take away with me in two weeks, but it's starting to look like that may not happen. Never mind.
On another note, I bought myself a new camera, so that I could take close up pictures of detail in quilts and are just getting the hang of it. It's not loaded with functions, but does what I need it to do. The photo in this post is the first from the new camera. As I gain more finesse with the camera, the pics will improve. Until the next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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