My continuing saga and a gentle reminder...

It seems to be a never ending saga with this quilt. Forces beyond my control (weather), have seriously hampered my progress on this quilt this week. So much so, that I have come to the conclusion, that despite my hopes of having this quilt finished by the 20th of September, it just isn't going to happen. Crazy weather that has been wreaking havoc at this end, has meant we have lost power more than once this week. Just as I would get organised to go down to studio 2 to make a bit of progress, the power would go out. The longest stint it was out was 22hrs, with it only coming on for approx 3/4's of an hour, before going off again. Frustrating, is an understatement! In between my many false starts, I did manage to get to the central portion of the quilt. This I have decided to quilt in a flower/ribbon meander. The flower is a very similar shape to one in one of the fabrics, so it harmonises beautifully.

This sign is in studio 2. It is a gentle reminder that to accomplish what you are aiming for, it is achievable with a dream and careful planning. It also requires a degree of work. From the very first time I saw this sign in a shop, I would stop and read it. When I saw it in another shop when Ash was with me, she instantly picked up that there was something about what was written here, that connected with me. Unbeknown to me, she bought it on the sly and presented it to me the following week. So thank you Ash, for this sign. It is my gentle reminder in studio 2, that despite setbacks that one may encounter, keep focused on what you are aiming to achieve and you will accomplish it eventually! Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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