Introducing George..... the technical support!!

Let me introduce you to my husband George. Aka- 'technical support'. When I come up with a hair brain idea that is related to my quilting, I go to my technical support department! George is ever patient with me when I yap on about quilts in quilting language, which is usually on a daily basis. When I explain to him my next 'brain wave', he is my go-to man that will help assist getting the end results. Yes, mine are the hands that do the cutting, construction and guiding of the longarm machine, but when it comes to things that require a computer, (except for my blog) or specific measurements, that's Georges department. Here in the photo you see him marking a quilt top for me. Now I'm sure this can be done on the frame, but I do not have the expertise at this stage to do it, so for us, it gets marked before it is loaded. I asked George to mark that skinny little cream border, as I want to do a diamond shape stitching pattern in there. It required a little bit of technical tweaking of the measurements, to get it evenly spaced on all four borders. I knew if I attempted it, the quilt top wouldn't make it to the frame for another week or two. So thank you George for being technical assistance, while I plan the next great idea in our quilting world.
With a new month started, it means a new challenge between Paulene and I. Fillers has been decided on for the month and the planning stage is already underway, at my end at least. With sketches done, it's just a matter a scheduling the challenge piece onto the frame for quilting. As I am going interstate twice this month, the real challenge will be finding the time to do it. I'll keep you posted on the progress on that one. Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie


  1. If you took a piece of adding machine paper and folded it and kept folding etc you would have even markings for the lines OR you could use a SimFlex Expanding sewing gauge. Les bought mine from Punch with Judy ( a birthday gift one year!)

    1. Thank you Thank you! With such a simple process of marking increments for stitching, it now opens up an immense field of design possibilities. (definitely a happy dance moment here for me!)