Testing my mettle.

Overall, here is what the red quilt looks like quilted. Probably a little hard to see the detail in this photo, but the following photos will show more detail. (Perhaps, too much detail!)

In the centre panel, if you could call it that, I did an all over flower meander with ribbon twists. I felt the flowers could work as they are similar in style to a flower printed on one of the fabrics in this range.

To do the diagonal lines and the bead board quilting you see in the next couple of photo's, it required I do SID. I have to admit, it is not my favourite element in quilting, but is necessary if you want a nice finish.

Because the centre panel fabric placement looked so random, I could get away with a meander there. I didn't feel this was really an option for these two borders. It needed something, I guess a little more tailored looking. I can tell you it tested my mettle, because they were the areas that were most problematic for me.

In the corner of the beige coloured fabric, I quilted little flower motifs, the same that is in the all over meander. I just couldn't leave the end little square empty!

And, lastly the corner of the outer border. I wanted a fur-de-lis motif here, just to continue that little french influence this fabric has. As my new camera shows only to well now, I have still to remove some of the plastic sheet I used as a template for this motif. Once binding is on, I will pop this quilt into the wash to remove any blue/purple marking pen and also the bits of fluff and other stuff, you no doubt saw in the pictures that just shouldn't be there.

And this is how I did those corner motifs. I got my motif from a clip art disk. (Make sure if you do this, you aren't infringing copyright.) Printed it and then traced the motif with a water soluble/fabric pen onto the Glad stuff. There is a smoother side and a tacky/sticky side to Glad Press'n Seal. If you do this, trace to the smoother side. When done, just place on the quilt top in the spot you want that quilted motif to be in. The tacky/sticky side holds it in place, so no need for pins here. After you've quilted your motif, the Glad stuff can be just torn away, but do it gently.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie

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