For the record.......

For the record, and with a photo to validate it, this quilt is done!! I have a measure of disbelief myself, as this is the quilt that for all intent and purposes, looked like it wouldn't be done in time for my trip to Tassie. (For those that check out my blog, Tassie is the shortened word for Tasmania, the island state of Australia.) So now it's on to the next thing, which is the challenge piece for this month. Fillers is what Paulene and I are working on, and it will be interesting to see how we both approach the quilting on this one. Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. What a relief it must be to finish this quilt. I know (from reading your blog) that this one has been particularly frustrating. I love it, I've loved it since the first photo I saw of it.

    1. Thank you Sam! It did seem at times I was taking one step forward and two backward with this quilt. Let's hope by the time I get around to making my queen size version, (yep, I know, silly huh?!) I have a trouble free run with it's construction.