Remembering the details.

One thing we think is really important in a quilts construction, is the details. For future generations it serves an important purpose of telling others the who, what, where and when of a particular quilt. Who made it or who was it made for? What was it's intended purpose? Was it a gift or did it recognise an important occasion like a graduation? Where did it come from? And also, when was it actually made? Which in turn tells us how old it actually is.
When Ash and I get to the stage of making the label, we like to incorporate something from the front into it. It may be part of the design, or may even carry the overall theme of the quilt. Just something that ties it all together. The Owl in the picture will be for Oliver's quilt, which is in the early stages of construction. When we come to writing the message, it will go on the cream coloured fabric that is the front 'tummy' part of the owl. For quilts that go overseas, we like to give the recipient a little something the will remind them of Australia. To name just a couple, we have made labels in the shape of Australia and also Kangaroos. Really, anything can be used that will make your quilt that extra bit special!
And on a final note, we would just like to say Welcome to: Doreen, Eboni, Gina.Catswhiskers, Little House on The Hill and Sam for becoming followers. We appreciate your interest and thank you for the comments that you leave for us. And also to those that take time out to just drop by Heritage Keepsakes and see what we are doing. We hope you find something here that you like and perhaps can use in one of your own projects.


  1. Thanks for the welcome! I think your right that we should remember to add a label. Most of the time I find that I''m so excited when I finally get the top done I forget about the label until it's too late. Can a label be put on a completed quilt?

    1. Yes definitely Sam. Sometimes I forget until the last minute too, so then all I do is press the edges of the label under to give a nice neat finish to the edge, and then hand stitch it on.