Something old, something new.

Another project in the pipeline that is progressing steadily along, is Dianne's quilt. When studio 2 was under renovation, we needed the floor levelled. Being a concrete floor, we needed the assistance of someone that was an expert in this field. Dianne's husband without hesitation insisted on helping, and since Dianne had willingly sacrificed a day she could have otherwise spent with her husband, we felt a quilt was a great way of saying a big thank you. The pattern is from the book, 'More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts', by Pam and Nicky Lintott. The fabric range is from 'Rouenneries Deux', a French General design from Moda. We are just waiting on extra fabric to arrive from the U.S.A to complete it.
This treadle sewing machine, although tired and seen better days, is a favourite among my machines. It belonged to my grandmother and although I never saw her sewing on it, Mum testifies to the fact she did. I know little about it, other than it has the label New England on it and also that it was made in America. It is the sewing machine I actually learnt to sew on. Despite the fact it didn't stitch a zig zag, it didn't put me off continuing sewing.


  1. No better way to say 'Thank you' to friends. They will love the quilt.
    I love your sewing machine and knowing that it was previously 'loved' by your grandmother makes it special.
    I love the iron work and wheel on it is base.

    1. The machines details and shape do certainly make it unique, and I agree, it's history makes it priceless.:)