A full day at AQC.

An early start to the day, enabled us to arrive at AQC not long after the doors opened. It was hard to know where to start. Quilts on display or vendor stalls, to peruse the latest items on the market for quilters? Initially vendor stalls won, so we started to check them out, and found quite a few must haves that needed to come home with us.Then we headed to the quilts that were hanging on display. Some of the quilts were amazing, and I personally needed to get up close, (no touch though) to discern the quilting path that was undertaken once the actual quilting process was happening. It was very interesting to see, with a lot of different quilting techniques employed.

Now for a couple of pictures of the spoils we brought home from the show.

Anticipating the release of the latest book, 'Jelly Roll Dreams', by Pam and Nicky Lintott, meant that when I spotted it, I had to buy it!! I had a quick flick through it, and was not disappointed. This book is just beautiful, and Ash and I are already planning which quilt will be the first we make. Owls are very in at the moment, and as I have a baby quilt in the pipeline for a friend that is to have owls on it, knew this pattern would be a good choice as a basis for it. I'm already planning what little changes I want to make to personalise it. The central nested flowers, are rulers that I will use on the longarm. Watch out for a future post here on the blog showing the results of them having been used.

Now I know this picture doesn't really look quilty related, but it is. The beautiful colour palette, are a box of Derwent Inktense Blocks. These are going to be used for highlighting areas of fabric to enhance the colour. They are also useful in painting your original designs, and are very useful in art quilts. The little container that looks like a cheese grater is for grating the Inktense Blocks. This just makes their application to fabric, an easier process when mixed in with a fabric medium. And lastly, the purple 'Gypsy Pin Pal'. As the name suggests, it is a pin holder, but it actually wraps around your wrist, so pins are less than arms reach away when you need them. The pins adhere to it as it has lots of little magnets inside it.

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