Treasures uncovered in Texas!!

I didn't think I would have anything quilty to share before I got to Houston, but it appears I am mistaken. We arrived to visit friends and family in San Antonio and we had the opportunity to meet up with some friends that we knew through friends. I hope y'all following this! (that's my bit of Texan.) What a treat was in store for me, as I got to see four antique family quilts up close and personal. Yes I did feel extremely guilty touching, without white gloves, but I seriously doubt I would have gotten one if I'd asked for it.
The above quilt, that's still used daily, is from around the 1930's. It is so soft, but is still in very good condition considering it's a well loved utility quilt.
I have to say, these two next red quilts, were my favourites. I love the bold contrast colour against the white. I'm no expert on antique quilts, but given the fact the red is very strong in colour with no apparent fading, I'm guessing that's turkey red, ( I have a pre 1900's quilt myself with that red in the binding) and that these quilts date pre 1900's. Could that tan colour be original or has it faded to tan from something else over time??

I often think when I see antique quilts, about the dynamics of their construction. What were the circumstances that determined why that pattern was chosen? Who was the quilt for? And more importantly, who actually made it? I'm sure the original maker of these quilts, had no idea when they were being constructed, that they would survive down through the decades and be appreciated by a whole new generation of quilters!!

The colours of this one are beautiful. Don't you love the way the maker organised the colours into rows? There was a fifth quilt, but unfortunately the owner couldn't locate it while I was visiting. I heard later in the week, she did in fact find it after I left that night!! Hopefully I will get to see that one too at some point in time, as I believe it's a beauty.

This quilt has a story in itself. Owned by another friend in San Antonio, and given to her by her grandad, it appears the grandads aunt made this quilt. I was fortunate to chat with the grandad about this quilt and he precisely recalled when he was young, his aunt quilting with friends in the lounge room, (I'm guessing it was probably called the parlour back then) and when they were finished for the day quilting, it being hoisted up to the ceiling on a rod. I'm not sure whether he meant this quilt was quilted that way, but given the fact he is 98 years old, it's possible!!

While in San Antonio, we got to wander out and see some sights. Now normally, I won't post it on this blog if it's not quilt related, but these three photo's are sewing related. So that's good enough for me! George and I happened to do a self guided tour in this house. I think it's called the Steve's house and there are many treasures inside that are worth seeing, but I'll share with you my favourite.

The original sewing box that belonged to the lady of the house, (mid 1800's) still sits in her bedroom alongside an antique sewing machine.

We actually got to peek inside which was like opening a sewing time capsule!! A hand written note, by the owner sits atop, wait for it........ her personal bustle!!! Yes, there were other treasures in there too, but seeing preserved a piece of sewing history like a bustle, was totally amazing. All in all, we had a wonderful time in Texas with friends and family. Our next destination was calling us, so we boarded a plane (make that two, because we had to catch a connecting flight) for..........
Iowa is really beautiful, but boy oh boy, is it cold! Being an APQS Rep in Australia, I have come to get some additional training on APQS quilting machines. What better way to get to the source of that information, than to go right to the mothership!!!
Pictured above is the showroom/education centre. I'll spend some time here, then will head to Carroll to the factory, where the machines are actually made!! I can't wait. If internet connection permits, I'll post to my blog again, otherwise see you in Houston.
Until nest time, happy quilting.-Julie


  1. Wow, awesome pics!! What a mind blowing experience your having!

  2. To think that is the home of our machines. love those quilts too. Corowa is a little cold this week so I will sympathise with you.

  3. Wow!! Looks like your having an amazing time, those antique quilts are amazing you are so lucky to get so close. You are bringing back memories of when I was in the USA, wish I was there. Look forward to your next post.