MQX- Another amazing day!!

Today's highlight was taking a class with Claudia Pfeil. For those that haven't, if you get the chance to take a class with her, I would strongly recommend you do. Her feathers appeared effortless and she showed us ways to get them to look great, with minimal fuss. The learning experience was amazing and if you normally think of learning in a classroom atmosphere to be very structured and tedious, think again. The class with Claudia made the learning process very conducive to having a great time. (If only it was this much fun when I was back at school, I might have stayed longer!) I learnt a lot from watching her stitch out all the examples she was demonstrating to the class.
The real highlight came at the end of the class. Claudia asked who would like the sample and naturally, 98% of the class said they would. The sample had approximately 10 areas all quilted out differently, and Claudia handed me the scissors and told me to cut it up, so she could randomly give away the sections to some in the class. I was very fortunate to be the person that received her long feather plume. With her DVD safely packed in my case, I will be able to refresh the techniques I learnt in class today, whenever I choose to in the future. And what's more, I have the added benefit of checking the sample piece for referral too.
Quilting Bliss!!!
Until the next post from MQX, happy quilting.-Julie.

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