Waiting on the weather.

Having finished this customer quilt, I thought I could share it with you now, as it has been seen by the owner. It's really hard to see the quilting as it's BUSY, but if nothing else, the texture given by the quilting, makes it look very inviting to use. Sure glad I don't have to do the binding on this one!  

Yep, you guessed it.., the wedding quilt is FINALLY finished!!!! Only 2 months behind schedule. As I was racing to get this one finished before my trip to NZ, Ash kindly offered to finish the binding for me. I had done two sides already, but with an offer like that, I could hardly refuse! (Ok, I think I might of sort of asked her to finish it for me.) And yes, if you look closely, you can tell two different people have done the binding. One really good at it, the other...., ok, let's not go there.

 I have been waiting quite a few days to photograph this quilt, and what I was able to get I'm not totally thrilled with, but it's the best I can do for the time being. As winter is approaching, (about 10 days away) the weather has turned and decent photo opportunities seem to be in very short supply. The grass is constantly wet as the sun is not coming out for long enough periods to dry it before the next downpour. Hence the need for the purple sheet under the quilt. (And yes, it's colourfast.) I never photo other peoples quilts on the lawn without something underneath them. The only problem with that is, the quilt never sits flat.

As you can see from this pic, the limited sun I had to contend with, by hanging the quilt on the front gate. The big shadow is a massive gum tree at the front of our property. The upside to photographing quilts on the front gate is, they are off the ground. The down side in winter is, partial lighting.
Hopefully the next photo shoot will be better.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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  1. That red and white one looks HUGE! Love the work you have done on both of these beauties.