What a load of Rot!

With rot setting in to the window frame in studio 1, it was decided it needed to come out and be replaced. As you can imagine, this exercise has displaced one sewer, to another venue! The down side to renovations are the fact they create a lot of mess along the way. Thankfully it will be short lived.

With the rotten window out and the new aluminium window in, studio 1 is now in the repairing phase. You'll notice I've gone from a long 3 panel window to a 2 panel one. What I've lost in width with the last one, I've gained with a bit extra height with this one. I actually prefer this one.

Here's how the inside is starting to shape up. With a little bit of finishing off to do inside, the studio will have had a mini face lift. The bonus to my new window is, I now have a window ledge in studio 1. It will be a good place to put my 'cuppa' when I'm hard at work on the next project.

Nothing is static here though. While works are going on to replace the window, I've moved into the house with a few essentials so I can keep on sewing. My machine is back from the repairman and is running beautifully. Actually I hate to say this, but it's running better than when I first bought it! Sherbet Fizz is finished with binding on and ready to go. Binding has been made for My Texas Bluebonnet and is about to go on it. I'm putting borders on a friends quilt, so that it can be loaded for quilting and I have a backing to make for a quilt that is in the line up for the frame also. So you can see, there's plenty to be done here.
I better keep moving so until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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