The making of Swoon.

These beautiful fabrics I bought at Houston on my first trip to the states. They have sat in my stash for just on 2 years waiting for the right project. And then I discovered Swoon, by Camille Roskelley. Yep, another project squeezed in amongst all the other ones that I have on the go. As no doubt you have already realised, I am not the methodical piecer/quilter, working on one project at a time, then moving on to the next, once the earlier one is finished. For me, having more than one project happening at once works, because sometimes a project can get a little tedious after a while, so it's nice to have the distraction of another.

The night I actually started Swoon this last week turned into a very early morning finish, the next day. Swoon is sweetly deceptive. At first glance, I thought I would be able to do at least 2-3 blocks in the first session. Wrong. Admittedly so, I did start this project at 11 p.m, and finally turned the sewing machine off at 3:30 a.m, with only one block sewn!!! The instructions are very good, but the cutting requirements do not leave a huge amount of room for error, as the coloured fabric in the blocks are from 2 fat quarters, with very little left over. The blocks fortunately are huge, 24 inches square, so the up side is I only have to make 9 and I'm done. With 3 down and 6 to go, I'll be Swooning before I know it!
Until next time, have fun with your quilting.-Julie.

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