WIP becomes FAF!

Continuing on with the quilting today of my WIP, as per usual the quilting decided on it's own course of application. This is why I very rarely plan hard and fast the quilting design. This WIP is a case in point. I had planned arcs and some sort of quilting around them. Curved cross hatch crossed my mind, more pebbles with motifs in the central part, but you'll remember I said I would frog before I started again and I did. Then today I thought, I would do cross hatch and fill every second square to give it a bit more 'pop' visually. That idea went out the window, when my ruler moved on the first pass and my supposed straight cross hatch line was crooked. So I improvised. Since I had ruled up my lines, purely for a guide for the original cross hatch, I figured I could use them with a wavy cross hatch. And that's what I went with.

It was fairly quick and easy to do. I think it was easy because the lines are wavy, and I already have plenty of experience in the wavy line department!

Washed, dried and finally finished, this little quiltlet can finally change it's status from WIP to FAF. Finished and functional!!! Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.