The label, the scribe and the quilt.

Ash was adamant that the '1600' quilt that she was making for her friend, had to have a label. The label also had to be fixed securely, as she didn't want it coming off in the first wash the quilt would have. She decided to satin stitch it on and asked if I could quilt a motif right on the label, to anchor it further. I don't think it's going anywhere soon!!

Just a quick pic taken of the scribe at work. Pigma pen for permanency. If you want that pen not fading out with subsequent washings, heat set it with an iron.

We actually washed this quilt to remove my markings and to soften the overall look of it. Then we applied the binding. Looks a bit more antiquey now. And yep, that label stayed firmly in place!!

This fabric was originally in a kit, destined to be another quilt. But the mood passed on that one, hence the reason it ended up a '1600' quilt.

Lots of flowers, really make this a very feminine quilt. Perfect for the recipient it is intended for, as she loves all things pink and pretty.
Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.


  1. Very pretty. Did you wash it with no binding on it?

    1. Thanks Sam. Yes we did wash it without binding on. We sewed down around the edge first with the walking foot on, so that the edges stayed together during it being washed. The wash before binding application, while it can technically be a process for blocking a quilt to get it ready for a show, wasn't in our case. We had to. Ash when writing the label had a bit of a smudge with the pigma pen. After copious amounts of rubbing alcohol used to minimise the damage, it needed to be washed, otherwise we think the quilt would have given the owner an alcohol reading, every time she used it!